pinit fg en rect gray 20   SKS Chromoplastic White Mudguards

sks chromoplastic white mudguards   SKS Chromoplastic White Mudguards

The SKS Chromoplastic White Mudguards are, let’s say, built to perfection. With its sturdy stainless steel fitments, an almost unbreakable plastic guard with aluminum center strip and a rear reflector and a front mudflap, these are the must-haves that you need when you are out on the road.

Although, like most equipments and accessories on bikes, the only downside of these mudguards is that they tend to get dirty rather quickly since they do come in white. But as a rider, it is your responsibility to clean them as often as you could. If you do, it won’t be a problem since they can almost be compatible with any bike regardless of color scheme.

Road guards come in three sizes: 700.20-28c, 700×35-38c and 700×38-45c.