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sizemybike for optimal geometry 163x300   SizeMyBike for optimal geometry

SizeMyBike is a handy application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This application is intended for cyclists who are looking to get fitted for a bike. The SizeMyBike application can give you measurements of a frame that matches your body based on the given measurements you input for height, inseam, sternum, arm length, foot length, and shoulder width. From the data given, you may find the frame that can give you optimal performance and geometry.

The software is easy to use. Once uploaded, from the homepage, you may start to create your project. There will be six fields to fill out pertaining to your body’s measurements. The measurements must be in millimeters. You are also required to do the measuring barefoot since some shoes may add several millimeters to your height. After doing this, simply click “calculate”. You also have the option to get the results for racing and mountain bikes.

SizeMyBike is available for $4.99.