pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame

trick frame from se us versus them 300x250   SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame Currently merging its resources and technologies is SE Bikes and Us Versus Them. The objective here was to come out with a state of the art fixed gear freestyle specific frame. The partnership was that of Todd Lyons (SE Brand Manger) and James Banuelos (Special Projects Manager for SE Bikes & CEO of Us Versus Them). After a thorough evaluation derived from creative brainstorming, exchange of ideas and research data gathered from riders and engineering experts, the frame is set to come release soon.

The soon-to-be-released super prototype of the SE x Us Versus Them frame will feature a Full Cr-Mo Frame with a double Butted top tube and down tube. This frame was designed with maximum 50c clearance tires in mind.

Although the frame is still in its evolutionary stage, the final blue print and geometric design is commendable. The new trick frame will be exhibited by team riders Chris Fonseca, Gus Molina, DJ Mull and Jakob Santos in a sneak preview film footage at the Bicycle Film Festival in New York City come June 16-20. It will be sold with a sealed integrated headset and heat treated Landing Gear forks at undetermined price tags by early fall.

Via SE Bikes