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The program Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is one of the five choices Republican representative Whip Eric Cantor deemed to be redundant in its nature. Rep. Cantor has established a weekly “YouCut program” which targets wasteful government spending.

Cantor pointed out that the SRTS program duplicates the local government’s efforts on building infrastructures provided for walking and bicycling within the community. He also argued that SRTS mirrors other existing bicycling and walking programs.

The SRTS program is substantial to the community because it paves way to the security for children to and from school. This concern has been discounted by the state Departments of Transportation, which is why SRTS funding is widely overdrawn by every state in the country. This is indicative to the need for Federal intervention and support.

To keep the Safe Routes to School program intact, please take some time to let your Representative know about this. If Cantor is your representative, click here to let him know how important SRTS is for the community.