pinit fg en rect gray 20   Safety Brochure for Bikes and Trucks

safety brochure for bikes and trucks 145x300   Safety Brochure for Bikes and TrucksSanta Cruz’s Ecology Action organization created a safety brochure called “Bicycle Safety Around Trucks”, which educates truck drivers and cyclists on road safety and courtesy. The safety brochure was in response to truck traffic on below standard lanes located on Mission Street through Santa Cruz.

The safety brochure reveals that road accidents involving trucks have a more likely turn out with fatalities than accidents with a car. Some cyclists are naïve when it comes to truck safety.

The guides in the brochure can also be applied when you encounter a city bus on the road. Here are some practical points in the safety brochure:

• Avoid the truck driver’s substantial blind spots. If you find yourself caught in the blind spot, don’t dawdle there.
• Don’t squeeze too closely by a truck.
• Take the lane for safety where necessary.
• Be visible.
• Ride legally and predictably.

The brochure is in English and Spanish. You can download it from