pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

rudy project sterling helmet   Rudy Project Sterling HelmetThe Rudy Project Sterling Helmet is a comfortable fitting helmet with an awesome adjustment system that uses a comfort ring along with their retention dial system that they call RSR7.

The RSR7 is easily pulled on and is easy to adjust even with your gloves on. The Sterling Helmet comes with a floating inner net, which also works as a bug shield, that is also comfortable as well unlike other helmet nets. The padding system is attached with the use of a small Velcro patch that is glued in the helmet’s shell.

Although, in the prototype of this helmet, the Velcro pads tend to get unglued sometimes but on their final model, the Velcro pads are glued very well. The Sterling helmet has 18 ventilation holes to be exact, which is great enough to cool down your head and is even impressive during hot weathers.

This Sterling Helmet also comes in a plush helmet bag, something that other helmet manufacturers tend to forget, making it a good way to keep your helmet when you are not using it. The weight is not a problem too, from sizes small to medium is only weighs at 12 oz or 349 grams and for large sizes a nice 13 oz or 374 grams.

Sizes range from Small to medium or 54-58cm or at 21.25 “ – 22.8” and a Large fit that is 58-62 cm or 22.8” -24.4”.