pinit fg en rect gray 20   RockShox 2011 Boxxer Downhill Fork

rockshox 2011 boxxer downhill fork   RockShox 2011 Boxxer Downhill Fork

RockShox 2011 Boxxer Downhill Fork has a few tweaks for the coming year, while the 2010 stirred some excitement, since it was the first redesign in years. RockShox 2011 Boxxer forks were tested last year by the BlackBox racers World Cup Season which is a huge plus since past issues have now been resolved. For example, the air springs are replaced with a Solo Air Spring and a self regulating negative spring.

2011 RockShox Boxxer forks also contains a updated Maxle Lite thru axle, and the air spring is moved to the lower part of the fork to combat against damage from over tightening the crowns. Retail price for the RockShox 2011 Boxxer forks is $1700.