pinit fg en rect gray 20   Polar CS200 T31C Special Edition Cyclocomputer

polar cs200 t31c special edition cyclocomputer   Polar CS200 T31C Special Edition Cyclocomputer

Polar CS200 can be a great tool on the trails as it blends heart rate and cycling functions to help you monitor your fitness and cycling performance. The Polar CS200 T31C Special Edition cyclocomputer/heart rate monitor checks your speed, cycling intensity, distance, estimated time of arrival, calories burned, heart rate zones and training dates of your last seven sessions. This gadget also includes Polar T31 coded transmitter. One you have mastered this gadget, you can analyze your statistics to improve your performance.

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Some of the exciting features of this gadget are the following:

  • Polar Exercise Features: Wireless ECG accurate heart rate; Polar OwnZone; Polar OwnCal; Polar OwnCode; Target zones with visual alarm; Target zones with audible alarm; Maximum heart rate of total exercise; Average heart rate of total exercise; Average heart rate of each lap; Automatic lap recording; Number of laps — 50; Exercise Date; Compatible with Polar Cycling Coach web service
  • Cycling Features: Wireless Cyclocomputer shows your Trip; Distance; Odometer (1/2 and total); Speed (current/average/maximum); Wheel size settings for two bicycles; Bike mount; Speed sensor – wireless; Cadence sensor (optional, see item #40-2430); Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA); Graphical comparison of heart rate and speed; Calorie consumption rate/km; Autostart/stop; SpeedPointer; Automatic display scroll; Multifunctional handlebar/stem installation; Speed sensor installation for different fork shapes

Aside from that, it also has additional features on weight management, recording features, watch and a transmitter belt.