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nyc ghost bikes under attack 300x213   NYC Ghost Bikes Under Attack

The Sanitation Department in New York City forwarded a proposal to remove all “ghost bikes” attached to street signs. They stood as a memorial to cyclists killed by cars but with the drafting of the new city plan, they just might be voted to be cleared away.

The victims’ families and friends were devastated upon learning the news. The proposed removal of the ghost bikes also includes bikes that have been abandoned by owners as well as junk bicycles. The inclusion of the junk bikes was spurred by complaints of neighbors as reported by the head of the agency’s cleaning unit, Michael Bellew.

There will be a public hearing on the bike proposal on July 20th at 125 Worth St., Room 819, from 9:30am to 11:30am. Should the proposal pass, implementation will begin in September. Warning stickers will be posted on the bikes to give the owners ample time to rescue the bikes. For the ghost bikes, families and loved ones are given 30 days to take out their ghost bikes. For ordinary dilapidated bikes, which have parts missing like pedals and handlebars, its owners are given 5 days.

Presently, there is no policy on broken down bikes chained to fences. Bellew pointed out that the 30-day allowance for families and friends of the “ghost bikes” were out of courtesy.