pinit fg en rect gray 20   Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

nike78 waffle racers spd 300x200   Nike78 Waffle Racers SPD

78 creatives answers the call of riders who are looking for a pair of cycling cleats without the cycling cleat look. The result is a pair of Nike78 Waffle Racers SPDs.

It was Dan Mather, a graphics designer, who came up with this innovative idea, which involved merging his Nike Waffle Racers with his cycling cleats. Mather began designing his hybrid shoe after realizing how limited he was with his cycling specific cleats while off the saddle.

Unlike regular cycling shoes that have cleats exposed, the Nike78 SPD does a better job of concealing the cleats, allowing for a more casual street wear look. With Mather’s design, urban cyclists can cross over between cycling and urban cruising without having to change shoes.