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new products from brooks saddles 1   Brooks Saddles Coming Soon: Select and Colt

Brooks Saddles has more to offer it fans in the near feature. The saddles company will soon unveil its latest line called Select and will also reintroduce its previous line, the Colt.

Brooks Saddles has been in the business of making bicycle saddles since 1882. Last 2002, Selle Royale bought the company and with a fresh new outtake, is rolling out more products.

The Select saddles will be made from vegetable-tanned leather. Thickness of the saddle’s leather will be 5mm. The leather comes especially from 36 month old Swedish cows to guarantee a long-lasting quality of leather. A trademark which Brooks Saddles carry is the duration of breaking in a saddle. It normally lasts for about a month but the Select line will take about three months.