pinit fg en rect gray 20   New AngleSet from Cane Creek

new angleset from cane creek 300x300   New AngleSet from Cane Creek

Josh Coaplen, the Director of Research and Development for Cane Creek had long constructive talk with Santa Cruz Bicycles and both parties are in agreement that there is a need to help riders by developing a simple way of adjusting a head tube angle. As a result, the new Cane Creek’s AngleSet is soon to be available by September.

The AngleSet of Cane Creek is a threadless headset, which will allow riders to adjust and transform the head angle of their mountain bikes by up to six offset angle, making allowance for steeper or slacker positions from 0.5 to 1.5 degrees. It is a head tube length independent and designed to fit most popular standard head-tubes. Its patent design is pending until the blueprint is perfected prior to its release in the market.

This is in accordance to a statement released by Cane Creek Research and Development and in addition to its adjustable features, the angle set will provide the riders an option of +/-0.5”, +/ -1.0” and +/-1.5” offset from the stock head-tube geometry of the bicycle. There is also the 0” set up for the bike’s original head-tube angle if the riders desire it so. The choice are theirs.

Santa Cruz Bicycles conducted the rigid testing and development of the Angle set with their employment of top professional downhill riders from the World Cup circuit. Riders like Kyle Strait and many others will be using the Angle Set in the upcoming World Cup this season.

Due to be released are three popular downhill and free-ride bike head set configurations to accommodate what the riders are exactly looking for, namely: the Angle Set ZS49 – ZS49/30 for 49mm, 1.5” Traditional standard ID head-tube with a 1-1/8” straight steerer, the Angle Set ZS44 – ZS49/30, which fits the tapered head-tubes of 44mm, 1-1/8” Zero Stack standard ID top, a 49mm 1.5”Tradition standard ID bottom with a 1-1/8” straight steerer and the Angle Set ZS44 – ZS56/30 also suitable for the tapered head-tubes – 44mm, 1-1/8” Zero Stack standard ID top, 56mm, 1.5” Zero Stack standard ID bottom with a 1-1/8” straight steerer.

The Angle Set is to be released with some 2011 bicycles models from Santa Cruz, Intense, Pivot and other known manufacturers as stock or an add-on option. The partnership effort between Intense Cycles and Cane Creek will market their special edition of their famous frameset come August together with the new Angle Set and the Double Barrel rear shock of Cane Creek.