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melbourne bike share program 300x225   Melbourne Bike Share ProgramThe public bike hire project has been successfully implemented in Melbourne, Australia. The Melbourne Bike Share scheme offers public transportation via bicycle at a cost of $2.50 per day. Should you require it for a week, it will be $8. As per Tim Pallas, roads minister, the project only offers the bike and with Victoria’s state helmet laws, civic leaders are faced with the challenge of providing the helmets.

Potential customers of the project should bring their own helmets or the option to join the bike hire scheme to get a free helmet. Regular users of the bikes for hire will be given a keycard for a $50 annual fee. Hotels and shops are also offering free or affordable helmets for rent or purchase.

The first 30 minutes of the bike ride is free. The penalty for unreturned bikes is $500. the bicycles can be adjusted on the height of the seat. It has three hub gears and a carrying basket which you can put in your things. The bikes weigh about 18kg.

Currently, there are ten docking stations and 100 bicycles for hire. The stations are all located at the heart of Melbourne’s business hub. The target number of stations by the end of the month is 50 with 600 bikes. It was reported that the project cost was AU$5.5 million over four years.

Overseeing the Melbourne Bike Share scheme are the Royal Autimobile Club of Victoria and Alta Bicycle Share of U.S.