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Joe Breeze, pioneer mountain bike designer, trained his engineering abilities in building up the commuter bike market in the U.S. more than a decade ago when he made his last Breezer off-road model in 1998. Breeze is now back with the Breezer Lightning and Thunder models.

Breeze dubs both the Lightning and Thunder as “the lightest bikes on the market for their strength.” He introduces the three hard-tail modes of the Thunder series, namely the Thunder Elite, the new top-of- the-line Breezer race bike and the Lightning Team, for the bike aficionados of steel.

In the 90’s, the first Breezer D’fusion tubes were deployed. Now it’s currently the highlighted feature in the Thunder and Lightning frames. The D’fusion tubes are the D-shaped cross sections that disperse stress at key points in the frame. In addition, the curved down tubes give the much needed clearance for the strong, sturdy, light and resilient long-travel forks of today. To lessen brake howl, the seat stays wraps around the chain stay-mounted disc brake, a forward brake mount offering more protection.

Breeze says, “My 1990s Breezers were the most advanced hard tail frames of the day, so my goal with the new bikes was to update the frames for more suspension, more tire clearance and disc brakes, and once again provide the best available hard tail bikes. Cyclists will be delighted by the lively, fast ride. I was also happy to oblige Breezer fans with the spearpoint livery from the roots of the sport, lest we forget where we came from.”

The Finesse and the Uptown series of his Breezer commuter bikes are known to be the finest in the US. It has garnered three consecutive Editors’ Choice Awards from Bicycling magazines and recognitions from others in the States.

With the overwhelming demand for mountain bikes, Joe decided to make them again. “So many people were asking for them,” says Breeze. Breezer was bought by the Philadelphia based Advanced Sports, Inc.,(ASI) in 2009 and now has the capacity and facilities to meet the demands of both commuter and mountain biker. ASI, the mother company of Fuji, Kestrel and SE Bikes gave the Breezer a wide spread distribution from U.S. to Europe, in the hope of regaining its status of being a world brand. Breezers are now available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.

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