pinit fg en rect gray 20   Jersey Waterproof Pouch Bins

jersey waterproof pouch bins   Jersey Waterproof Pouch Bins

The Jersey Waterproof Pouch Bins are designed to protect your gadgets in wet conditions by its waterproof and sealable qualities. It comes in two sizes to choose from, the Big Bin and the Trim Bin. Both sizes are designed to fit inside the average cycling jersey pockets.

This waterproof bins are easy to open and re-seal. The material used is an 8-gauge vinyl, which is also durable and recyclable. Gadgets like cellular phones, iPods, MP3s, GPS and the likes are very well accommodated in these waterproof pouches.

The Jersey Waterproof Pouch Bins make checking missed calls on your touch screen phone hassle-free because touch sensors remain responsive through the vinyl. Aside from the Jersey Bin logo that comes with the pouches, you can also make use of the personalized labeling that is available if you want to add your own personal touch to it.