pinit fg en rect gray 20   ISM Adamo Podium

ism adamo podium   ISM Adamo Podium

ISM or Ideal Saddle Modification, a technology created and developed by Steve Toll in 1997, now gives you its latest creation of medically superior seats, the ISM Adamo Podium.

ISM Adamo Podium is the latest addition to Adamo’s line of saddles, which was created to add comfort by supporting those sensitive areas. The Podium is made to be longer and narrower than other brands of saddles, making it more accessible for its user. It is also minimally padded, good enough to be comfortable.

The Podium was specifically designed so that it won’t obstruct blood flow down there unlike other saddles that gives you that numb feeling after a few minutes of riding. It measures at about 27cm long and 13cm wide, not too big nor small for its user, which is also a plus.

The Podium also features a titanium railing and only weighs about 319g. The Adamo Podium can surely give the satisfaction any rider needs, earning itself a higher rank among riders than its competition.