pinit fg en rect gray 20   Increase in Bicycling and Walking in U.S.

increase in bicycling and walking in u s 300x176   Increase in Bicycling and Walking in U.S.

The National Biking and Walking Study: a 15-year Status Report was a study conducted by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. It tackles the trend in bicycling and walking since 1994. So far, the result of that study has been promising.

The goal of the study was to “double the percentage of total trips made by bicycling and walking from 7.9% to 15.8% of all travel trips.” From the looks of things, the PBIC might achieve its goal. From 1990 to 2009, more and more people have chosen to walk from 18 billion people to 42.5 billion. As for bicycling, it also increased from 1.7 billion to 4 billion.

In a survey done in 2009 called the National Household Travel Survey, bicycling and walking takes 11.9% out of all the trips. Down by 3.9% from the PBIC’s goal.

The added bonus to the situation is that as more and more people walk or ride a bike, the number of pedestrians killed has decreased by 22.3% and there’s a 12% decrease for bicyclists. Safety for bicyclists and pedestrians has increased.

Advocacy for bicycling and walking continues to make sure that safety is not taken for granted and that educating people about the many benefits of cycling and walking is also top priority.