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gruber assist motor advantage 300x240   Gruber Assist Motor AdvantageGruber Assist motors became the center of a controversial subject in the cycling world, which is being referred to as “mechanical doping”. Although allegations over claims that Fabian Cancellara was using a secret motor to assist him on both his victories at the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix is up for debate, the concept of motor-assisted bicycles show merit for non-competing cyclists.

Gruber describes its product as an “invisible ascent aid”. The motor can be placed inside a seat tube of 31.6 mm in diameter. A battery pack must accompany the motor which can be placed in the carbon frame. A NiMH battery can be used since it is cylindrical in shape and it can be concealed easily if needed. The electric motor offers 200 watts of power and a performance advantage for duration of 100 minutes max.

For cyclists who ride for exercise and recreation, the Gruber Assist motor can serve as a handy device when confronted with road challenges such as steep climbs. For people who commute by bike, the extra speed powered by an electric motor can simplify their errands by providing more speed.

The idea of an e-bike used in the sport of professional cycling may be regarded as cheating but should e-bikes capitalize on the benefits of speed, Gruber Assist motor might be the forerunner on the rise of energy-saving options coupled with long distance coverage.