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gore xenon sonic bibs   Gore Xenon Sonic Bibs

Over the past few years, most cycling apparel made available to consumers have been designed specifically for men. But since cycling is a unisex sport, some companies have adopted designs for women that differ beyond size. Take the Gore Xenon Sonic Bib for example.

So why did Gore tailor a cycling bib to further accommodate a woman’s needs ? A problem for many women is the level of difficulty involved in “answering natures call” while suited in a cycling bib. Unlike men who find it easy, women struggle with the design flaws of many of the cycling apparel out on today’s market. Gore has recently combated this issue with its Xenon Sonic Lady bibs, however

This product was designed with a zipper around each hip for easy unfastening. Once unzipped, the bottom half of the bib can be pulled down like a pair of regular shorts. These shorts are crafted just the way any women would want.

The chamois house padding if needed. But, the soft fabric extends beyond the padded areas for additional comfort. To keep the bib straps in place, a buckle at the front was placed alongside the sternum area. Finally, Gore’s women specific mesh bibs feature panels in the straps and shorts to promote ventilation.