pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giordana BODY CLONE FR C

giordana body clone fr c   Giordana BODY CLONE FR C

Giordana Body Clone FR-C cycling jacket is light weight and versatile. Tagged with the FormaRed-Carbon® Light Weight Jacket technology, it is suitable in various temperatures.

This piece can be worn as a base layer to block the wind on a crisp day or with the FR-Carbon jersey for more protection in colder weather. Made with Versatect® fabric, this skips the insulation of an inner fleece layer, yet has high quality wind-blocking feature due to the new ultra thin flexible water and windproof membrane.

It does not only protect from wind or water but also from the harmful UV rays of the sun while travelling. The outermost surface has a titanium treatment still effective on winter days.

Made with specialized fabrics, the elasticity is retained and gives freedom of movement to its cyclist. To keep your personal items on hand, there are three rear pockets and an additional fourth zipped compartment with a rubber pull tab that conveniently holds a phone or MP3 player. For added visibility, the rear zipper, along with Giordana logos front and back are reflective.