pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gary Fisher Superfly 100

gary fisher superfly 100   Gary Fisher Superfly 100

Gary Fisher’s Superfly 100 is fast, light and supremely agile. The trick that the Superfly can offer is masking the bigger wheels. They look like those 29ers but Superfly 100 can be surprisingly adept at a low speed, may it be a downhill or uphill switchback.

In combination with the bigger wheels, it has the ability to steamroll trail obstacles, plus it has a low bottom bracket. Pedaling is not a problem since it showed good performance during tests.

Regardless of its wheel diameter, the Superfly 100 can tackle technical climbs with a great prowess and at the same time maintain its degree of grip. This bike is also light, making a total weight of 11.05 kg or an awesome 24.36lb without its pedals, the bare frame and rear shock which overall weighed a good 2,170g or 4.78 lb, the Superfly100 indeed is impressively light.

Everything in this frame is made from carbon fiber, thus the reason why it is light. From the suspension mounting points to the bottom bracket bearing seats and the rear drop outs, all are made from carbon fiber. The front triangle of the Superfly 100 also contributes to the pedaling efficiency, giving riders a precise steering and solid feel even under hard braking.

The front is a tapered1-1/8 in to 1-1/2 in head tube. The bottom bracket below is extra wide with drop-in bearings. Other parts of this bike that is made with carbon fiber includes the seat stays joined together with Trek’s proven Active Braking Pivot dropouts and a shock linkage that weighs 44g.

Other ready parts are available in a built kit consisting of mix parts from SRAM and Shimano bits, as well as spectrum parts from the Bontrager corporate toy box. The SRAM X.0 shifters and rear derailleur are also available moving the Shimano chain across the SRAM PG-990 and Truvativ Noir Chainrings.

Overall, Gary Fisher’s SuperFly 100 offers a whole lot, making this bike one of the most exciting bikes ever created.