pinit fg en rect gray 20   FlashBak Lighting System

flashBak lighting system1   FlashBak Lighting System

The FlashBak Lighting System is a heavy duty nylon strap with 10 flashing LEDs embedded in it. Its functions are aimed at increasing safety on the road. The safety device has four clips, one on each corner, that are attached to elastic cords .

The FlashBak is powered by three AAA batteries that can be conveniently stored in your pocket or bag. The electronics for the product are tucked safely in a water-resistant housing. It also has a specific cord where you can find the switch for the LEDs easily.

You may clip the FlashBak on your bag strap, with its serrated alligator clips, across your chest, on your waistline or on your garment. Or, the device can be positioned on your back, the top flap of a messenger bag, or anywhere you else you can clip it to.

The FlaskBak Lighting System costs $45.00 and promises to be a worthwhile safety added feature to your riding experience that says “I got your back covered, ride on.”