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ethirteen dh crank   e*thirteen DH CrankMerging with the Hive, e*thirteen releases their new DH Crank in July, 2010. Both companies who are dedicated to design and manufacture industry-shaping components, announces to release their new product in the summer of this year.

Replacing the product Fifteen G offroad product phylum, they will now be rebranded as e*thirteen. Adding soon to their product as well, is their e*thirteen Offroad phylum having both the XC and gravity.

Meanwhile, DH Cranks underwent certain remakes to offer users more. Forged and then machined in a 7050 aluminum arms, are now 40% stronger than most common forged alloys. The chromoly spindle is 30mm and is heat-treated making is 200% more stiffer than the 24 mm steel spindles used in external bearing cranksets.

The German DIN 32711-P3 Polygon interface provides 100% surface contact between the crankarm and the spindle. This eliminates fretting corrosion which is the common cause of crankset loosening and creaking.

This crank is made from quality titanium-nickel hybrid spindle coating, which increases the durability and quality of the material life. Length of the DH Crank comes in 165mm, 170mm and 175mm lengths depending on what you prefer to use.

Ring Configuartions of this crankset comes in black, silver, red, green, and purple colors at 36-72 grams each.