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new deco products 1 300x200   Deco BMX 2010 ProductsChad DeGroot has come up with a top of the line product for Deco. Currently released by Deco are frames, bars, forks and small components.

The Deco Self Titled Frame has a 74.5 head tube, a 71 seat tube and a rear end of 13.5 inches. The frame, which weighs 4lbs 15 oz (20.5 version), features a 11.87 MID bottom bracket height. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The sizes available are 20”, 20.5” and 21”. The colors now available are Raw, Black and Grey. There it also comes in Raw for custom painting. The frame has a $329.95 price tag.

Not to be left unnoticed is the Deco FuForks with steep 28mm rake FuForks and removable 990 tabs. It features a remarkable 1 piece machined steer, CR-MO blades and a full heat-treated CR-MO dropout at only a weight of 32.8 ounces. Its .8 oz. Compression bolt features a hole big enough to rid of the cable barrel head for traveling or taking off your front brake. It is made of 6061aluminum with a laser etched logo on it. They are now available for MSRP $134.95.

The Deco line products also include the Deco FuBars. The line consists of two-piece “FuBars”, a chrome multi-butted handle bar and a four-piece handle bar. Each weighs 24.8 ounces with a full heat treated CR-MO 8100 butted tube. The colors Raw, Gray and Black are are also options to choose from. It has a $69.95 tag price.

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