pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cliff Ryan and Kersten wins Tour of Somerville

cliff ryan and kersten wins tour of somerville 300x198   Cliff Ryan and Kersten wins Tour of SomervilleThe 2010 Lantus Tour of Somerville cycling series in New Jersey was won by Ben Kersten (Fly V Australia) and Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Colavita-Baci). The race closes the National Racing Calendar criteriums.

Kristy Broun (Verducci Breakaway), USA Crits SpeedWeek overall winner in May and Brooke Miller of TIBCO-To The Top were neck to neck with Cliff-Ryan towards the end of the four-corner 20 mile race. With a sprint, Cliff-Ryan left Broun and Miller to cross the finish line first.

Cliff-Ryan remarked on her performance as well as her team’s huge effort. “With two laps to go, we took over and executed the perfect lead out. What a great sight to have six of my teammates lined up in front of me! I didn’t want to get boxed in so I laid off Kelly Benjamin and when I heard Brooke Miller coming, I jumped with 200-250 meters to go. I’m super happy to win … and honored to have my name listed as a two-time winner alongside some of the greats of this sport. And while only my name appears as the winner, it was definitely the entire Colavita/Baci team that delivered me to the line.”

As for the men’s, 50 miles from the starting line, Kersten and Alessandro Bazzana led with a bunch sprint towards the finish line. Clayton Barrow of AXA Equitable came in at third place. Ivan Dominguez of Jamis-Sutter Home crashed 200 meters away from his goal to win a place in the top three.

Kersten shares, “This was a team effort. Everyone played their roles perfectly and was 100-percent committed to me. It’s a really good feeling when it pays off.”