pinit fg en rect gray 20   Camelbak Light Weight Octane Packs

camelbak light weight octane packs   Camelbak Light Weight Octane Packs

The Camelbak Octane Series just came out with its latest designs and colors to choose from for a more “in-the-mood” outdoor ride.

The backpacks come in a series of ultralight packs. The materials used are made of a ristop-like material suitable for multisport activities. Colors come in orange and green XCT for a more cycling oriented pack.

There are two smaller packs that comes with a 70 oz bladder and the Octane 24 which comes in black has a 100 oz resevior. Both have external storage space, a light weight mesh on the sides of the waist belt and a 18x expandable center zip.

The Octane 18 comes in various colors, orange, green, black and a dark cheddar/graphite and has a capacity of 18L. The handle is shaped to stay in place this way it isn’t a hassle to its user. The 18x has two mesh pockets on the waist belt and an external zip pocket on the side.

The external mesh pocket has an adjustable strap and clip to keep things in place convenient for riders who like to have their backpacks loaded with what they need. On the other hand, the XCT is good for riders who don’t want to carry much when riding. They are very minimal with one small external zip pockets. They are light in weigh and host a 70 oz bladder.