brooks cycling bags   Brooks Cycling Bags

To add to its collection of cycling products, Brooks ventures to produce three bicycle friendly bags: the Hampstead, Islington Rucksack and Soho.

The Hampstead is a spacious bag that can be secured to a bike rack using its own straps. Its size is large enough to satisfy a weekend of goods. Retail price is £269.99.

The Soho model is patterned from a messenger bag that can be worn across the body. Made from quality leather, the Soho features one main compartment, which can accommodate a mini laptop (13 inch screen), a small interior pocket that can be closed with a snap-on and a replaceable light leather grip. The Soho is available for £239.99.

The Islington Rucksack is more suitable for rugged trails and is priced at £249.99.