pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Shop and Cyclists Receive Cycling Awards

bike shop and cyclists receive cycling awards 300x297   Bike Shop and Cyclists Receive Cycling Awards

The City of Ottawa, Canada awarded two
Bruce Timmerman awards to re-Cycles a bicycle shop. Mark Rehder, director of re-Cycles, shared his pleasure of being awarded. “We just kind of quietly do our thing and it’s just nice to get some recognition for it. The important thing is that the public knows we’re there, we do good business, bicycles are getting recycled.”

The awards were supposed to be an annual event but financial constraints led to its suspension for several years. However, this year’s event awarded cycling advocate Mark Rehder and the re-Cycles shop for their commitment to cycling. The Centretown shop has been in operation for the last 13 years, accepting donated bicycles, fixing them up and selling the recycled bicycle at affordable prices. The ceremony was witnessed by some 40 cyclists in helmets and reflective slickers under the rain last week.

Rehder explains how he got involved with re-Cycles. “I just came in as a volunteer and started organizing the place. When the founder left, I kept doing that and what he was doing and all of a sudden found myself the director.”

Rehder further noted that more and more people are taking to cycling and feels that re-Cycles might be part of the reason for the increase in the cycling population. “Everybody’s noticing that there’s a lot more cyclists these days, and we like to think we’ve been part of that.”

Rehder also believed that Ottawa needed to be educated on cycling to make the city more bike-friendly. “Motorists have to know that the roads aren’t only for them and cyclists have to know that when they’re on the road they should behave a little better. I think just a little education and a little less adversarial behaviour would go a long long way.”

Fellow-recipient of the Bruce Timmerman award was Brian Martin. Martin was an advocate for more bicycle parking and is a member of Citizens for Safe Cycling.