pinit fg en rect gray 20   Armstrong joins Leadville Trail 100

armstrong joins leadville trail 100 300x87   Armstrong joins Leadville Trail 100The 2010 Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race in Lake County, Colorado will have Lance Armstrong and Dave Wiens as part of its contenders. The event is one of the biking and running events Ken Chlouber and his staff prepares each summer. “This 2010 will be a big year. They will once again be going head to head,” said Chlouber.

The race was created to be a tool to bring back life into the old mining town. Chlouber shares that they are just about to begin with the events for this summer and with Armstrong as one of the cyclists in the race, they are preparing for the best to come.

Chlouber comments on Armstrong’s involvement: “That got peoples’ attention worldwide.”

The Leadville Trail 100 also gives back to the community through various ways. Legacy Foundation was created and Carl Miller, board member, shares that due to the races in Lake County, the foundation helps more people.

Miller explains, “The reason we have more money to give back to this community is because all the races are so successful.”

John Cirullo, board member of the foundation, recounts how the races contributed by giving $1,000 to 26 graduating seniors in Lake County High School so they can continue on to college. Out of 58 students who applied for a $1,000 grant, 54 were qualified. “So just about everyone who applied for the grant was given it.”