pinit fg en rect gray 20   Antares Versus Saddle by Fizik

antares versus saddle by fizik   Antares Versus Saddle by Fizik

The latest Antares Versus by Fizik reduces the pressure on your flesh on long rides better than its predecessor. Fizik accomplished this by adding a full-length central channel, to its popular saddle, while keeping the flat-topped shape that the Antares is praised for.

The two Antares versions differ from each other in design, but the result effect isn’t too noticeable. The standard Antares is firm and dense, which provides supportive padding whereas, the Antares Versus may seem to have a lower density that immediately absorbs the body weight, thus flattening its appearance.

The added channel is approximately 4mm deep. There is a width difference of 2cm from the nose to 5cm at the tail. The pressure on the soft tissue is lessened, but the overall effect comes at a slight improvement.

The Antares Versus is specifically designed and constructed to meet the standard of a high-end saddle. With Its sleek appearance, the Antares Versus saddle retails for $179.00 with a total weight of 214g.