pinit fg en rect gray 20   Alcohol Breath Tester by Bike It

alcohol breath tester by bike it   Alcohol Breath Tester by Bike It

Alcohol Breath Tester by Bike It is a breathalyzer for cyclists, who look to the occasional bar for a good time.  This is one small gadget that can come in handy, especially for avoiding traffic violations.

Cycling is just like driving a car wherein you can be in an accident or cause an accident with lack of proper defensive driving due to alcohol.  Therefore, if you have been drinking, you need to check your alcohol levels first before you ride home for the night.

Bike It’s Alcohol Breath Tester is made in the United Kingdom, where the alcohol limit is the same as the United States’.  In using this product, you will know your alcohol content with the use of three LED lights.  If the green LED lights up, you can still ride your bike as it’s still within normal limits.  Yellow is the borderline indicator, which its manufacturer recommends you find someone to take you to your destination.  If you get the red light, you have gone over the limit.

The Alcohol Breath Tester also functions like an LED torch as well as a stopwatch and countdown timer.  Moreover, this breathalyzer is very compact. You can easily bring it everywhere you go by placing it on your keychain, so trouble doesn’t have a chance.