pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 XTR Mountain Bike Components from Shimano

2011 xtr mountain bike components from shimano1   2011 XTR Mountain Bike Components from ShimanoShimano comes out with the 2011 XTR mountain bike component group. In accordance to the 10 speed mountain biking market’s needs, the group caters to two styles, race and trail. This is based on the cranking configuration. The “Race” highlights lightweight pedals and starts with a 2 ring crank. Shimano employs its Dyna-Sys technology for an intuitive gear combination that allows the rider, the bike and the trail to become one.

The FC-M980 Crankset is designed for trail. It has the Hollowtech II design to maintain stiffness while retaining its lightweight feature. To keep you stable as well, it has outward bearings. The HG-X chainring tooth profile is present with the Dual Spike to keep front shifting smooth. It has a threaded BB and weighs about 755 grams.

The FC-M985 Crankset is set for racing. The Q-factor was decreased by 3 mm on each side and the carbon/titanium middle ring gives better rigidity to allow precision turns, twists and shifting easy. The estimated weight is 698 grams. It also has a threaded BB.

The PD-M985-SPD/Platform Trail Pedal promises a whopping 158% more shoe/pedal contact and has a wider bearing placement to give better stable pedaling. If you ride without clipping, the integrated pedal cage can keep your pedaling comfortably. For less mud retention, it has an oval shaped axle body housing and weighs around 398 grams.

The rest of the Shimano XTR mountain bike components include the Shadow Rear Derailleur, which is available in medium and long cage and weighs about 175 grams; the SL-M980 RapidFire Plus Shift Lever, which you can use for a double or triple front chainwheel; the Hydraulic Brake System for XC and Race, which has 13 mm wide two finger brake lever with anti-slip texture and estimated weight of 215 grams in front and 229 grams for rear brakes; and the Hydraulic Brake Caliper System for Trail, which has a 14 mm wide brake lever and weighs about 247 grams in the front and 261 grams at the rear.