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wtb laserdisc xc mountain wheel   WTB Laserdisc XC Mountain WheelFor cycling enthusiasts, cycling would not bear much excitement than joining a weekend cross country racing. You meet new friends and experience being the conqueror of the road not to mention the surge of adrenalin to your body making you all-powerful Yet you must now how to equip your bike. To do this, the WTB Laserdisc XC Mountain Wheel is one of the lightest hoops that one can try especially for cross country racing. This product is sealed with safety seals and known to every cyclist who does cross country racing.

WTB Laserdisc XC Mountain Wheel is lightweight and durable rear wheel. The Laser XC weighs 425 grams with its 28 WTB double-butted spokes to LaserDisc Lite hubs. For front that weighs 815 grams with the hub of laserdisc lite-28h Laserdisc XC can be used. Spokes are black 15/16 gauge with black alloy nipples and laced 3-cross. It is also applicable to front that weighs 835 grams with LD lite 15QR-32h and rear with 950 grams with hub of laserdisc lite-28h and rears with 1070 grams and hub of LD single duty-28h.

The LaserDisc XC rim has new Safety Seals, stainless steel eyelets and Unbendium Bulge. Being lightweight helps speed-up acceleration and although lightweight, it is very durable especially for mountain racing. You can feel the difference and make the difference.

The WTB Laserdisc XC Mountain Wheel can make a difference to your country cross racing with its increased acceleration. Reliable and fast, you can conquer the road! Don’t take up chances just rely on the best.