pinit fg en rect gray 20   Winning Finish for Kemper and Cave at Alcatraz

winning finish for kemper and cave at alcatraz 1 300x200   Winning Finish for Kemper and Cave at AlcatrazThe 30th Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon was won by Hunter Kemper (USA) and Leanda Cave (GB) in San Francisco. Approximately 1800 athletes were there to race but Kemper and Cave emerged as victors. For Kemper, this was his second time to win the historic event. He previously won in 2005.

Kemper showed off his superior running talent by taking over the lead at the men’s race during T-2. “I was aggressive early in the run. Bevan was able to stay with me for a mile but then I broke away.” With a time of 1:58:21, he held off Bevan Docherty of New Zealand who came in second two minutes later. Andy Potts, the defending champion, took third place from aspirant Chris McCormack.

Kemper embraced the cheers as he crossed the finish line. “You just can’t beat this race. Look at where you swim,” he points to the Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate, “It’s just absolutely cool. How many races do you start by first jumping off a boat?”

In the women’s race, Cave’s main rival was Jenna Shoemaker o the United States. “I’ve never raced Jenna before. I’ve seen her name in the world cup races and all, but I knew that Alcatraz is a different beast.”

Cave shares that the swim was difficult because it was hard to navigate once you’re in the water. “The swim is very tough because you really don’t have a good sense of time and place in the Bay. And today I had a really good run. In the past I’ve walked some of the Sand Ladder. This year I ran the whole way up.” The Sand Ladder was a 400-step area from Baker Beach which is featured towards the end of the race. Cave stole the lead from Shoemaker towards the end of the first mile run.

Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon
May 2, 2010 – San Francisco, Calif.
1.5-mile swim, 18-mile bike, 8-mile run

Top men:
Hunter Kemper 1:58:21
Bevan Docherty 2:00:24
Andy Potts 2:02:02

Top women:
Leanda Cave 2:14:34
Jenna Shoemaker 2:14:47
Mary Beth Ellis 2:17:27

winning finish for kemper and cave at alcatraz 2   Winning Finish for Kemper and Cave at Alcatraz