pinit fg en rect gray 20   Volkswagen VW Bik.e

the vw bik e from volkswagen 300x216   Volkswagen VW Bik.eVolkswagen reveals its first e-bike at the Auto China 2010 last April 23-27, 2010. Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, the chief Development and Research for V-Dub, himself rode the VW bike on stage. It is a work of art as it is a mini bicycle with no pedals.

The VW bik.e is a part of the company’s “Think Blue” campaign which is sustainable ecological mobility. It is a remarkable battery powered device. It is also portable enough to be folded into the tire compartment of a car. It functions mainly as a vehicle support for your car although it is great for a relaxing ride.

There have been rumors up to this date that plans of putting out the VW bik.e commercially available to the public are highly probable. It has a 20 km range (12.5 miles) enough to get you to your destination if the situation demands. With its official 20 kph top speed, you can ride it without wearing a helmet. The batteries could be recharged by a car battery through DC current as well as with an ordinary AC plug.

You could see more of the VW “mobility enhancer” on video where Dr. Hackenberg further illustrates its good features in action.