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vision base bars   Vision Base Bars

After coming to a conclusion last year by the UCI to enforce its “3:1” regulation concerning the ration of chord lengths of any cycle component of non-circular aerodynamic cross section, the company Vision, a specialist on aerohandlebars, has created its two new bar designs to meet with the regulation as well as to offer improved ergonomics together with internal brake cable routing.

The new Vision Base bars are both made in aluminum and carbon. These are both available in the middle of June in UK. These bars have a 31,8mm diameter center bulge that extends sideways to accommodate the clip-on tribar clamps and adding to their bar feature is a zero -degree flat wing profile.

The Vision bars is not a problem when it comes to its weight. These bars only weigh at about 207g which makes it even great. The Carbon OS base bars has a 3K twill finish with a center to center width at about 410mm. The team Alloy OS Base Bars however has a black- anodized finish with a good weight of 237g all in all.

These bars are available in 400mm and 420mm widths all at an affordable price.