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usa triathlon reports membership growth 300x217   USA Triathlon Reports Membership GrowthUSA Triathlon and Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association have recently reported an increase on the number of people joining the triathlon population. As of 2009, the SGMA reported that there were 1.2 million on-road triathlon participants. For off-road triathlon, there were 666,000 participants.

The numbers for the on-road triathletes equal that of a 11.1% growth last year and a 51.4% growth since 2007. As for the off-road triathletes, the number is a 10.6% increase with a 37.9% increase from 2007. Last March 31, USA Triathlon’s membership reached 133,000 which is a 24.8% growth in comparison to March 2009’s members of 31,000.

Skip Gilbert, USAT CEO shares his thoughts over the data gathered. “The continued growth of the multisport lifestyle across all disciplines and distances is a strong reflection of this country’s desire to focus on healthy living. Incorporating not one but a multitude of sports into an individual’s training and competition schedule has simply exploded in popularity, and we at USA Triathlon are proud to be able to support these individuals’ passions.”

USAT’s statistical data on its annual membership growth is proof that the multisport can sustain the growth of triathlon in the United States. SGMA counts 694,000 core on-road triathletes and 413,000 core off-road triathlon participants.