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usa cycling on doping allegations 257x300   USA Cycling on Doping AllegationsWhat Floyd Landis revealed in his email regarding his admission to doping certainly got everyone’s attention and more. Steve Johnson, CEO of USA Cycling, to whom the email was addressed, gave a statement concerning the delicate matter and stresses how USA Cycling continues to implement its zero tolerance policy when it comes to dopin in the sport of cycling.

Johnson said: “In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Code of Athlete’s Rights, USA Cycling does not and will not discuss doping allegations, investigations or any aspect of an adjudication process.”

“There are many accusations being circulated and we are confident these will be thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities. Cycling is the most aggressive sport in the fight against doping with some of the most diverse and innovative monitoring and testing programs including in and out of competition urine and blood tests, medical monitoring for Pro Tour and Pro Continental teams, and the biological passport program.”

As per Johnson, USA Cycling procedures dictate that any information alleging doping will be forwarded to USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency). This independent national anti-doping agency was created in 2000 to police doping in U.S. Olympic sport.

For future reference, USA cycling encourages its members that if they have any evidence of doping, the proper organization to contact would be USADA at