pinit fg en rect gray 20   UCI Drops the Axe on De Bonis Due to doping

uci drops the axe on de bonis due to doping 300x225   UCI Drops the Axe on De Bonis Due to dopingWith the surge on anti-doping in cycling, the International Cycling Union (UCI) started to look into irregular readings from the biological passport data. This intensive move was brought about several factors including the recent Floyd Landis case. Francesco De Bonis was first to be sanctioned a two year ban due to doping. De Bonis was also fined €13,000. The basis for the said doping charge was due to Italian’s blood profile. The irregular readings were testament to De Bonis’ guilt even if he has never tested positive in any anti-doping tests.

UCI issued a statement regarding the case, “The UCI emphasizes the historic importance of this first judgment under the scope of the biological passport programme, introduced by the UCI in 2008.”

A UCI spokeperson added that De Bonis was caught and judged based on the findings in his biological passport. UCI also cited that Spanish cyclist Antonio Colom Mas is suspended for two years for doping and was subsequently fined €46,958.