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u s bicycle route system 260x300   U.S. Bicycle Route SystemThe US Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is bound to be one of the world’s largest bicycle networks and Adventure Cycling Association is pouring all efforts and resources into building it.

The organization based in Montana is soliciting contributions for their “Build it, Bike it, Be a part of it” Campaign by raising $20,000 during the National Bike Month from May 3-31 for the cycling network.

In the past four years, Adventure Cycling Association has been laying out the structural details of USBRS. The blueprint designs a combination of roads, trails and paths transformed into well marked and signed cycling routes. The proposed cycling network gives access to cyclist crossing the inter-state as well as the country. The American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) approved the proposed Draft Corridor Plan of an 80 km sketch of wide corridors, assigned number routes connecting key destinations and urban centers.

The fundraiser has solicited more than $13,000 since the campaign began on The National Bike Month of May. Nine major businesses and organizations have doled out financial support. In addition, the American Cycling Association received a $40,000 grant from Bikes Belong, $70,000 from Education Foundation of America, $40,000 from Lazar Foundation, another $30,000 from SRAM Cycling Fund and from the Surdna Foundation at$15,000 to work on this project.

In building the USBRS, the costs will cover planning, route selection and coordination with government bodies.

The USBRS could be compared to some of the largest of its kind such as that of the European Cyclists’ Federation EUROVELO route network and the National Cycle Network (NCN) in the UK.

Winona Bateman of the American Cycling Association said, “We’ve really used their systems as models…There are a good number of lessons learned and strategies that work for the USBRS, however, there are some major differences.” She further explained the diversity in funding, distances of routes between destinations and the governing transportation policies being implemented.

Within the next five years, Bateman hopes the see the completion of three cross country routes.

To support the building of USBRS, you may donate $10 here.