pinit fg en rect gray 20   Triathletes at Tour of California Time Trial

triathletes at tour of california time trial 300x199   Triathletes at Tour of California Time TrialIt was a rare opportunity where triathletes Chris McCormack of Australia, Chris Lieto of the United States and Chrissie Wellington of Great Britain came to race at the Amgen Tour of California Time Trial stage.

The event was held in Los Angeles, California yesterday. Together with amateur cyclists, the triathletes took a run of the time trial course.

It was the seventh stage of the Amgen Tour of California. Here, many spectators will bear witness to how Lieto would fair with pure cycling riders, however, on-lookers and fans alike missed the opportunity when Lieto had a flat with only a few miles remaining of the race. Lieto clocked at 21:35 at the halfway point. McCormack time finished of the 20.9 miles was 46:15 and was fair enough for the overall 55th place. Updates are still to come in regarding the official time on Wellington who was said to be joining in for the time trial slot in the 2010 Olympics.

To see how the triathletes matched the top cyclists’ times, here are the top ten times:

1. Tony Martin 41:41
2. Michael Rogers 42:03
3. David Zabriskie 42:08
4. Levi Leipheimer 42:14
5. Jens Voigt 42:40
6. Bert Grabsch 42:47
7. Maarten Tjallingii 42:53
8. Christopher Horner 43:00
9. Rory Sutherland 43:00
10. Robert Hunger 43:02