pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tour du Silence in Memory of Cyclists

tour du silence memory cyclists   Tour du Silence in Memory of Cyclists

Thousands of cyclists from all over Quebec, Canada are participating in the memorial cross country rides on Wednesday to commemorate victims of cycling accidents, the Tour du Silence. It will be a somber day in Quebec as more than 400 cities around the world are observing the event.

In 48 hours, eight cyclists were hit by vehicles and four cyclists have died in the province. On Friday, south of Montreal, three women were struck dead by a pick up truck on Highway 112 in Rougemont. They were part of a group of six cyclists on their way to Sherbrooke for triathlon training.

On Route 117 in Val Morin the next evening, a 57 year old man was killed when he was run down by a car in northwest Montreal. A 44 year old woman was driving and was arrested to be charged with impaired driving resulting to death.

The Montreal police started to hand out helmets to cyclists as part of a week long campaign for bicycle safety. It has been known that head injuries are decreased by 60 to 90 percent when cyclists wear helmets.

Aside from the helmets, pamphlets were also given to remind cyclists of several traffic rules like not to run red lights, wearing of earphones while riding or not to use the sidewalks when riding.

Via CTV Montreal