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topeak bar n mirror 300x292   Topeak’s Bar’n MirrorFor those who use the bike as a means of transportation when going to work will find Topeak’s Bar’n Mirror a very good accessory that they can use for their daily ride. This is because it will surely be helpful in keeping them safe and secure during the entirety of the ride.

Topeak’s Bar’n Mirror is a bar end accessory with mirrors on it. This means that instead of having the plain bar end, you will be able to make them look their best because of this gray, black-lined bar end. This bar end is very slim with a measurement of just around 1.3 inches. It would make you feel that you are just extending your bar. The materials used to make this product are plastic as well as forged aluminum with the weight of less than a pound for the two bar enders.

Its main feature is that it has a slim mirror that you can use especially if you are commuter biker. As you know, cars have side mirrors and this will work for you in the same way so you know if there are cars that are approaching behind you. In this way, you will be safe especially if you are biking in a high traffic area. The good thing about these mirrors is that you can adjust them to their preferred view so you will be comfortable while cycling.

Therefore, if you want to have side mirrors for your bike, you can just get Bar’n Mirror from Topeak and start using them for your daily cycling activity.