pinit fg en rect gray 20   Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack

babyseat ii disc mount rack   Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount RackMany cyclists would like to bring their children while riding and would find Topeak BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack a good item to help them bring their kids and enjoy cycling at a young age.  The good thing about this rack is that it can do more than just being a mount rack for baby seats. 

BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack is made from strong tubes made of aluminum to give you a very durable rack that will be able to bring additional weight not by the baby seat but also the kid or other contents.  This rack is totally compatible with the BabySeat brand as well as other luggage offered by Topeak.  These aluminum tubes are also used for the tracks where the rear baskets are since they will perfectly fit without using any tools and keep them in place. 

Another feature included on this track is that it has a RedLite Mount and Tail Light Mount for the racks.  But with the additional features, this rack is jut lightweight of just around 1.30 pounds so you will still be able to bring them without any problems.  The length of this product is just around 34 centimeters and just 23 inches wide so it will be a lightweight item attached at the back of your bicycle. 

So if you like to get your kid exposed in cycling, you can bring them with your BabySeat and BabySeat II Disc Mount Rack.  You just need to go online in order to get this product and start bringing your kid on a bike ride.