pinit fg en rect gray 20   Token Ironman Belt Set

ironman belt set   Token Ironman Belt SetMany cyclists would like to bring more water as much as possible and that is what Ironman Belt Set can do.  This is a small item and yet be a real ironman because of its features. 

First of all, Ironman Belt Set made by Token is a black Neoprene belt and can serve as an answer for people who love to drink lots of water throughout their biking sessions.  A regular water bottle may not be enough for you and you may not be able to place a lot of water cage to bring water to your bike so you will find Ironman Belt Set helpful for you.  This belt has four compartments where you can place four additional bottles and carry it like a belt.  

You have a number of options in getting Ironman Belt Set.  First, you have size options starting from small that will fit a waistline of 27 inches up to XL that will fit 50 inches size for the waist.  You can also choose whether you will just get the belt or just the bottles.  The good thing about this belt is that it is lightweight so you can easily bring it anywhere. 

But aside from just bringing the bottles, the Ironman Belt Set also has a separate compartment where you can place other items like your mobile phones or other gadgets.  You can go online to get this product and start bringing more water that you need during your long biking hours.