pinit fg en rect gray 20   Time I Clic Fiberflex Pedals

time i clic fiberflex pedals   Time I Clic Fiberflex PedalsThere are new sets of pedals out in the market today. This pedal that was introduced back in 2009 at Eurobike is now back but with some changes along.  Time’s I-Clic pedal is sort of familiar to  a French manufacturer’s RXX design, but this time it has a composite cleat retention and release system in place of the steel jaw and spring construction of the previous product.

They also made a few changes in the pedal’s body  but it is least expensive and yet it the heaviest among the four pedal models. The body is molded in a fiber reinforced plastic, it weighs at about 260g per pair, it still follows the RXS practice and the axle plus bearings is retained by an external sleeve.

After a ride, this pedal releases a latch trigger which holds the retention jaw open against the spring. When the cleat is inserted, the trigger is then depressed to release the spring loaded jaw and trap the cleat. If the jaw is open, the cleat then is pressed downwards thus pressure is decreased. The cleat release tension is adjustable. This is through the small screw on the side of the pedal.

Composite cleats are compatible with all three-bolt shoes via the original look arrangement but they have to make sure that they are not too tight on the curvature to the underside. The holes measures at 1.25 mm each to one side  thus allowing the rider a few extra compensation when pedaling.