pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Reading Rickshaw Project

the reading rickshaw project 300x225   The Reading Rickshaw ProjectLauren, Joe and Sarah are students and alumni of the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota. They came out with a program dubbed as the Reading Rickshaw. The objective of the program is to enhance and instill awareness in the community on arts and books through a one of a kind literary journey on a four wheeled bicycle ride.

Art and books, literary collections hand picked by artists will also be exhibited in strategic points as the mobile artistic journey goes underway. The scheme is to impart creative ideas, artist lectures, read a story along while enjoying the ride. The basic element of the concept is to make books and art available in parks, lakes and downtown Minneapolis where it is ordinarily beyond the reach of many people.

Strange as it may seem, Sarah, Lauren and their friends already made a similar project before. The Art Shanty Project was on a book collection which was placed in a shanty at the middle of a frozen lake. It was called the Library Ice Shanty.

KickStarter, a new online philanthropy site funds the project. It gives solutions unheard of on how to amass funds for prospective projects coming from creative user ideas. The new projects are then posted and offered to possible investors by pledging any amount from a dollar to ten thousand or more. Monetary gains for investors are of rare occurrence, but this pay- it- forward movement does have its rewards. Deadlines are imposed to all projects and funding is granted to those projects that beat the deadline.

The target funding of the Reading Rickshaw is $2000 and $650 is being pledged by twenty backers as of now with seven days more to go. To spread the love, just visit KickStarter.