pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tektro TL720 Brake Levers

tektro tl720 brake levers   Tektro TL720 Brake LeversBrake levers are getting more modernized nowadays and the Tektro TL70 is one of those products designed to have a quality performance. If you are looking for a brake lever with a good anchorage then this is the one you have been waiting for.

The Tektro TL720 has massive anchors that make stoppers for countless bike brands to rebadge. The mid-range cow-horn compliments the levers is a good way that brings out the best quality in your brakes. The round ergonomic design are in sync smoothly into the bar ends for a smoothly sculpted look.

Although you can use the blunter and more cheaper RX4.1 or the RX5.0 but the ergonomic bars were designed to have a more original look. Cables can go through the bars rather than the old school way of having them underneath which is a good idea. There are no sideways rattle or anything that can detract the braking feedback. The blade is designed to be under your fingers which is also a plus.

Just in case, you might need a tape on the upper lip if needed but the return spring is soft enough. Although these brakes aren’t the lightest option to come around with since they weigh 170g but then you are not paying much to get them anyway so this is a great deal indeed.