pinit fg en rect gray 20   SRAM 500 TT Shifter

sram 500 tt shifter   SRAM 500 TT ShifterThe SRAM 500 TT Shifter is the one to solve the old way of using your bike’s shifters. This smart product is the company’s latest entry-level in offering the bar-end shifter category.

The SRAM 500 TT shifter was designed to work with any SRAM road transmission but at the same time work in a conventional way. With the left hand lever, it is constrained by a friction mechanism, this way the right hand lever clicks within any one of the 10 positions and stays there. It is way different than that of the SRAM’s top-end, the R2C mechanism that returns the right hand lever to its central position after each shifting, producing no friction.

Levers are fixed at both end of the bars by using the standard split sleeve with its plastic case, the ring springs but the expanding bolt of its left-hand thread tightens the housing as done by turning the Allen-head bolt to clockwise. Installing is also easy, the levers are guaranteed to be installed tightly by a U-shaped locating lug.

The right hand lever is stiff before it is installed but with the rear mechanism connected, it is almost buttery and very precise while the left hand lever is smooth, almost fluid like. Accuracy is not a problem, once this is in the bike’s system and is correctly set up, it produces gradual on its up and down shifts.

The SRAM 500 TT shifter is almost weightless since it uses aluminum and plastic. The levers can be used with non-shifting breaks or with handlebars as well.