pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel Set

specialized roval rapide sl45 road wheel set   Specialized Roval Rapide SL45 Road Wheel SetTalk about wheel sets that can grab attention; the Specialized Roval Rapide SL 45 gives you another stunning new appeal. Bright red bladed spokes, hubs and speedy looking with a 45 mm deep aluminum and carbon rims, this wheel set tops them all.

Luckily, how this wheel set look is also great with their on-the road performance. The aerodynamic carbon cap performs a really good job when it comes to reducing and holding speed. The lateral stiffness is also great taking account on the wide sets of spokes that was designed. The DT Swiss star rachet freehub internal is also reliable when it comes to transferring power.

Because it has a machined alloy, speed is easy to control. The alloy helps in breaking surfaces and also providing strong, predictable bites. This is important when you are on sloped areas along the mountain sides or descending downwards. The durability of the Specialized Roval Rapide SL 45 is excellent since it was built nearly to perfection and balanced rear spoke tension that has a widely set of flanges and a 2:1 lacing pattern which is suitable for cruising if you are not up for a heavy race.

With a total weight of 1,600g for a pair, it is light enough to go for miles and miles. The rim however, weighs at 525g, but can only be felt when you are on a climb other than that this is the best wheel set there is.